A3 Cardboard Puzzles

A3 Cardboard Puzzles

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A3 Cardboard Puzzles offer a wide range of people so much joy with our unique sizes and shapes on offer.

Puzzle sizes from 35 pieces to 180 pieces, a puzzle for all ages and abilities.

We also have a 24 piece with wavy edges.

Puzzle prices show when you click on “Create Your Puzzle”

Order direct from an Australian puzzle manufacturer, puzzles made in Melbourne.

We guarantee our work. If your image isn’t ideal for the puzzle you will be notified immediately. You will always have the option to change the image so that you’re 100% happy with your puzzle.


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What a fun size the A3 puzzles bring to a wide range of ages. From 5 year olds who would love our unique 35 piece puzzle to your adorable grandparents who may find small puzzle pieces a challenge.

One of our most popular A3 puzzles is our 180 piece puzzle. This puzzle is a joy to put together and ideal for children 8+ and even adults who don’t have a lot of space or time will enjoy putting these piece together.

Actual finished sizes of these puzzles vary depending on the number of pieces, they are smaller than A3 when cut.

Your A3 Cardboard Puzzles will be broken up into a resealable cello bag and placed into our unique, strong, magnetic gift box. The label will display your image as a reference.

Puzzle prices show when you click on “Create Your Puzzle”

PLEASE NOTE: Most of our puzzles require your image to be at least 1MB.

FACEBOOK images are NOT suitable for any puzzles over an A4 size.

If we need to make any changes to your image, we will email you a proof of your puzzle for you to approve. We will wait for your approval before sending your image into production, so that you have complete confidence in the final look of your image and quality of the end result.